Welcome to Witherlea School. We are a learning community that prioritises a curriculum we value which means the Arts and Te Ao; Identity, Language and Culture are taught across the school, weekly. This also means we sing, dance and perform on a regular basis and try to have integrated outside expertise to take music lessons and Drama for all students.

We personnalise the learning experiences for each of our learners and offer opportunities for each child to grow and develop from NE to Year 6 via our; Vision, unique Motto, our Values, Key Competencies and our  ‘Aspirations for a Witherlea Graduate’.

Our values; “Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Fair – Kia Atawhai, Kia Kaha, Kia Tika” is the behaviour we expect of every person whether they are a; student, parent, staff or community member.

We believe in a living, holistic curriculum so we provide children with rich, authentic opportunities in all curriculum areas and encourage them to be involved in the many; Sporting, Cultural, Science, Enviro, Arts and Leadership experiences we plan and roll out every year.

Making connections with experts within our community is another element that builds on the learning at school and makes explicit links for our children to the real world. We are proud of our EnviroSchool status and how we weave the philosophies through each ‘Inquiry Pillar’.

We use our ‘Pillars’ to focus our inquiry learning, termly. These are our focus areas which link to many curriculum areas; Belonging, Environment, Discovery and Celebration.

Witherlea School prides itself on providing high-quality teaching and learning that provides opportunities for equity and excellence, particularly in literacy and numeracy.

The school is recognised for its strong values and curriculum delivery, as well as for the emphasis it places on developing the dispositions and skills for successful learning and living in the twenty-first century.

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to our new families who add to the diversity of Witherlea School. We encourage each learner to bring their identity, language and culture with them, proudly, to our school. Partnerships between home and school are vital to the success of every learner so we encourage and work hard on; open, honest conversations with our whānau and provide many informal and formal opportunities to connect.

We are excited to have new families as part of our innovative community and look forward to their full involvement in our quest to; Empower ALL learners to reach their potential.