School Info

Term Dates

Term 1

01 February - 12 April

Term 2

29 April - 5 July

Term 3

22 July - 27 September

Term 4

14 October - 18 December (12pm Close)


Waitangi Day

Tuesday 6th February


Friday 29th March – 2nd April

Kings Birthday

Monday 3rd June 

Matariki Holiday

Friday 28th June

Labour Day

Monday 28th October

Marlborough Anniversary

Monday 1st November

Operating Times


It is important that children are not arriving at school before 8:30am as school is closed while teachers and staff set up for the day. Before School Care operates via a number of external providers up until this time. It is also equally as important that students are at school before the 8:50am bell as lateness can disturb the learning of the child and classroom which can directly affect school success.


8:30 am

School grounds open for children to arrive at school

8:50 am

School Starts

10:30 am

Morning Tea Break

10:55 am

Classes restart


12:30 pm

Supervised Lunch Eating Time

12:45 pm

Lunch Break / Play

1:25 pm

Classes restart

3:00 pm

School ends

School Donation

Annual Donation $150

The Board of Trustees ask that parents make an annual donation of $150 per child. Income is used to supplement the Operations Grant provided by the Government and allows for our school to be well resourced and offer your child the very best learning opportunities.  Please enquire at the school office about paying your school donation in instalments.

Following payment of the donation you will recieve a tax credit note.

Internet Banking Details

How to pay

Many people prefer to pay through internet banking. Please be aware we do not check this everyday however there is a dedicated time for our office staff to go through these.  Make sure you use your LAST NAME and WHAT you are paying for as a reference otherwise we will not know who and what the payment is for.  

This is the school number:  12-3167-0133327-00


How to get a uniform

Witherlea School students wear a uniform that can be purchased through The Warehouse.  Main components are the red school issue polo or sports top, school issue polar fleece and hat, with any type of plain navy blue shorts, skorts, tracksuit pants or leggings.

We have a second-hand uniform shop available at school. Please get in touch with the office if you would like to purchase anything or email

Prices are;

  • $5 tops and shorts 
  • $10 polar fleece

We are always grateful for any clean, tidy uniforms to sell, these can be dropped off at the school office.

Absentees: Safety Check

Safety details


Resolution Pathway

We have a clear pathway to solve issues and come to either
a shared understanding or a resolution at Witherlea School.

The Teacher

Teachers are the first people to engage with when there is any type of concern. One or two meetings will resolve most issues. However, at times there may need to be an extensive plan of action put in place which will be created together.

Team Leaders

If the issue cannot be solved by the teacher alone our Team Leaders will help to create a new plan or way forward through the issue or concern.

Senior Management

After a team approach has not effectively resolved the issue our Senior Managers; Associate Principals, Deputy Principal and Principal can work through possible next steps or options.

The Board

If parents feel there has been no resolution they can formally write to the Board of Trustees with an official complaint which the board will investigate using the governance lens.

Team Leaders

From time to time matters of concern and/or questions may arise. The first person you should speak to would be your child’s teacher, who will work with you to resolve the issue and find solutions. If concerns persist, the Team Leader may be able to assist and then management could support. Please follow this process to save valuable time and so the right person is dealing with each concern/issue.

Angela Clark

PJ Muir

Phill Johnson

Jacqui Driver


To book an appointment with our Principal, Symon Beattie please contact the school office via phone or email.


The following methods are used to communicate information to the school community:

Monday morning (Even weeks only)

School App



School Website


Issued odd weeks

Meet the Teacher / Goal Setting Meetings

(Term One - Week One)

Parent Teacher

Interviews (Term one)
Interviews (Term three)

Parent Information

Evenings and Open Days

FOWS Meetings

Medical Information


Only medication prescribed by a registered practitioner can be administered at school. A consent form must be completed at the office by the parent / caregiver. Medication is kept at the office, not in classrooms.


In the event of your child being involved in an accident which causes concern at school, we will, if necessary arrange for medical attention and notify you immediately. Please make sure that we always have your up-to-date telephone number, and an emergency back-up number.

Medical Care

We have a sick bay, which is available for first aid, and as a place for ill or injured children to wait for parents to collect them. In case of sickness we will get in touch with you if children need to go home. We have visits from the Public Health Nurse, and she will contact you if there are matters needing further attention.

Cycling and Wheels

Bikes may be stored on bike racks.  Bikes, scooters or other wheels must not be ridden in the school grounds – we also ask all students to walk their bikes and scooters down to McKenzie Street before riding as we have many pedestrians that could be run into.  

It is recommended by the Police that those pupils under 10 should not cycle to school.  All cyclists must wear an approved safety helmet and we encourage the use of a reflector jacket.

We adopted helmet wearing on our scooters in 2021 due to a rising number of accidents and near misses on our roads. 

Before and After School Care Programmes

Many after school activity programmes operate five days per week from 3.15pm – 5.30pm. Children must be enrolled in order to attend these programme. 

Oscars Blenheim 03 578 1355

Little Red Fox Hub 03 579 1150