COVID-19 Updates

We are currently at ALERT LEVEL 2 which means we need you to support us with;

  • If you come onsite Contact Trace using; COVID Contact Tracing App or School App Sign In or one of the paper copies around the school
  • If you can stay offsite please do and there are to be no community members at our school events to keep numbers below 100
  • Use the hand sanitiser for hygiene
  • Keep your children HOME if sick and stay away if you yourself are sick

Please see the LINK here to the Ministry website for more details. Witherlea School has their own very extensive Pandemic Plan.

Alert Level Information


School Organisation for 2021

We have arranged our school using the composite philosphy (nationwide concept) and distrubuting the load across our leadership team so that they are able to monitor the progress, achievement, behaviour and wellbeing of their students and the development of their teachers offering support and guidance where needed.

Students of the same age or year group could be in two different teams - all students are taught from 'where they are at' within the curriculum and we focus on PROGRESS throughout the year. Some students require accelerated progress (more than a years progress in a year) while others require 'one years progress in a year' and then for a few they will focus on life skills or broadening of their skills and knowledge set. Every child is unique and different and we cater for them all.

Our leaders are also available to support relationships between home and school and are your 'go-to' if issues are persisting once you have made a plan with the classroom teacher. Here is how our teams have been formed and how we have shared the load;

Ferns Team Leader - Angela Clark (New Entrant - Year 1)

  • Team: Sue Holmes and Amy Lucas (Job Share), Harriet Mackle, Dan Stephens

Punga Team Leader - Catherine Stringer (Year 2-3)

  • Team: Richelle Henderson, Larrissa Robertson

Kowhai Team Leader - Matt Robertson (Year 3-5)

  • Team: Maree Herdman, Naomi Anderson, Angela Ives

Kauri Team Leader - Hazel Halton (Year 5-6)

  • Team: Ariana McIntyre, Kelsie Brown, Tracee Lee, PJ Muir


Easter Holidays + Teacher Only Day - Thursday 1st - Tuesday 7th April

The Easter holidays are near the end of term for 2021 and they begin a day earlier with our Teachers Only Day - Thursday 1st April (School Closed) and we return on Wednesday 8th April. Good Friday is the 2nd of April and Easter Monday and Tuesday school will also be closed.


Learning Showcase Day - Friday 17th April

We will put up details of theis event closer to the time however it will be around lumnchtime and students will be able to go home following this event for the term holidays.