You can enrol for entry to Witherlea School at anytime however we do ask that parents who have siblings already attending they do this is as early as possible before the child starts school. For new people to our community at least 6 months – 1 Year prior to start date is preferable as this ensures we have arranged the school and classes for the following year. If you have just arrived in Marlborough or shifted then as soon as you know you are in zone and wish to start school.

We are a zoned school therefore only enrol students who live in the Witherlea School Zone or who get offered a space through our Ballot Process (this only occurs if there is space via the Board of Trustees meetings which is decided in September each year and does not automatically extend to siblings).

Witherlea School uses an online enrolment form following the link below. The; Blanket Consent and Internet Use form are also required for enrolment.

Link to Enrolment;

Please note that there are multiple documents required for evidence purposes in New Zealand and in particular ZONED schools. These will be required to finalise enrolment.
Due to changes in the Zoning and Ballot Process across New Zealand, Boards of Trustees no longer accept Compassionate Grounds for enrolment. There is a process between parents and the Ministry of Education (contact local Ministry for information) otherwise entry to school if in an OUT of ZONE address is the through the Ballot Process only (the Board of Trustees decides on Ballots for the following year).

Transition to School

Mrs Angela Clark is our Associate Principal and responsible for Transition at Witherlea School. Mrs Angela Clark and Mrs Mel Beattie are our Pūkeko Room Teachers and they assist in the smooth transition of New Entrants to school. You will be contacted regarding the ‘Welcome to School Meetings’ and the process outlined for enrolment to ensure you have everything ready to for the first day of school.

It is a help to your child’s transition to school if they are confident to manage the following before starting:

  • Knows own name and address well enough to repeat when necessary.
  • Knows how to print own name (with a capital ONLY as the initial letter).
  • Is able to relate well to other children and adults. Sharing, caring and negotiating  skills are required to function in this social context.
  • Puts away toys and materials after using them.
  • Knows how to put on and do up shoes and own coat. Please NO shoes with laces unless they can tie them themselves.
  • Knows how to flush the toilet, and wash hands afterwards.
  • Use scissors.
  • Listen to and enjoy stories.
  • Ask questions.
  • Can manage lunch without help.
  • Can pack own bag.
  • Can change into and out of togs for swimming.