Classroom Connection

Stay up to date and be connected to our school events/information and the classroom learning via; School App, our website or Seesaw.

  • Seesaw will take you straight into the hidden lives of our amazing learners.
  • You need to sign up to Seesaw each year at Witherlea to be directly linked to your child and their class.
  • Check with the classroom teacher if you need help and they will send you and your whānau a QR Code to get started.
  • Download the SchoolApp for apple or android (see the bottom of our website for the symbol)

Curriculum Delivery @ Witherlea

Below is our Curriculum Delivery Plan with the concepts we immerse our students in throughout their journey at Witherlea – take a look so you know what your children are learning about each term;

Witherlea Curriculum Delivery Plan





Whole School Learning Portals